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Welcome to the first allergen-free sleep zone

Airsonett® Air4 protects you while you sleep. Made with technology proven to rid your sleep zone of allergens such as house dust mites and pet dander.

Safe & effective

    Just plug it in and switch it on when you are ready to sleep

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A good night’s sleep is possible

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    CE marked and registered medical device as proof of quality and reliability

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Here’s how it works

Illustration - allergen exposure
Allergen exposure is high during sleep

While at rest in bed, your mouth and nose are in close contact with pillows, mattresses and duvets that can contain large amounts of irritating particles and allergens such as house dust mites and pet dander. During sleep your body causes an upward air flow, concentrating these airborne particles and allergens to the breathing zone.

Illustration - clean air
Air4 provides 99.5% clean air in the breathing zone

The Air4 delivers filtered and slightly cooled air that descends towards the breathing zone in a laminar manner. The clean laminar airflow counteracts the allergen-rich body convection flow.

Illustration - sleeping
Your body has the opportunity to rest and recharge

With the Air4 placed next to the bed and used every night at least 99.5% of particles are blocked from your breathing zone all through your sleep. This allows your airways and the immune system to rest and recuperate overnight.

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119-139 cm (46-55 inches)

Base length

54 cm (21 inches)

Base width

34 cm (13 inches)
Power Consumption
60 W
Sound Level
≤ 38 dB(A) (Computer on)
23 kg (50 pounds)
1 year limited warranty
Replaced every 6 months. Subscription plans available.

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100 times more efficient than air purifiers

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Instead of trying to clean your entire room with an air purifier, the Air4 uses TLA (temperature-controlled laminar airflow) technology to provide perfectly clean air to your breathing zone while you sleep while also lowering the overall particle exposure in the room.

Only with the Air4, particles such as allergens, dust, bacteria, pollen, pet dander, viruses and other airborne particles are all eliminated, leaving nothing but clean air to breathe while you sleep.

Reference: Spilak M, et al. A comparison between temperature controlled laminar airflow device and a room-air cleaner in reducing exposure to particles while asleep. PLoS ONE 2016;11(11): e0166882.

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